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XVP-250 II High Performance Intermittent Machine


The Quadropack XVP-250 II (Servo driven), an intermittent VFFS machine, represents an excellent and economic solution for forming, filling and sealing automatically small and middle volume bags or sachets which are produced from a flat reel of heat-sealable packing film. The particular hardware configuration allows the machine to achieve up to 90 bags per min.

The Quadropack XVP-250 II is servo driven and equipped with a Mitsubishi PLC and monochrome colour touch screen. The system enables the operator, via a user-friendly interface, to enter machine parameters as well as access the machine.

A flexible machine design enables customers to run different types of bags (e.g. shape and material) as well as different sizes on one machine moreover due to its design change-over is easy and quick. The Quadropack XVP-250 II provides a cost effective answer to your production needs. As such the Quadropack VFFS is versatile, economical and durable and represents an excellent choice for high volume and flexible bag filling and sealing.

The Quadropack XVP-250 II can be equipped with any number of different weighing and dosing systems including:

  • Auger doser,
  • (Volumetric) Cup filler,
  • Linear and Multihead weigher,
  • Liquid doser,
  • Counters.

The various applications include

  • Free Flow Powders: Sugar, Salt, Pepper, Spices, Flour, Semolina, Milk powder, various sorts of powders, etc. [non-food: detergents, plaster, talc, chemical additives]
  • Granules & Seeds: Coffee beans, Cocoa, Rice, Sesame, Seeds, Small Granules etc.
  • Dry, Frozen & Processed Foods: Snack foods [popcorn/chips], Cereal & Health Foods, Confectionary, Biscuits & Bakery, Pasta, Grated Cheese, Nuts, Dried fruits and vegetables, Frozen Vegetables, Dried Mushrooms, Pet Food.
  • Fresh Foods: Fresh Produce
  • Non Food: Medium- Nuts, Small metal/plastic items, Bolts, Washers, Auto, Electrical and Plumbing Parts etc.
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