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QP-SG-Pack 1

Flow Pack

The flow wrap machine is widely used in the packaging industry and remains one the packaging industry's workhorses. Its success can be attributed to a number of strong suits. Flow-wrapping is both a simple and economical method for the high speed packing as well as offers the capability to pack a wide variety of products across all industry types. The flow-wrapper is suited to bag non-uniform or pre-packed products.


Quadropack Flow pack solutions offer you:

  • The QP Pack-1
    The Quadropack QP-Pack-1 combines robustness, high versatility and speed with ease of use. The machine combines the latest in servo technology and control by Elau with a robust design needed to satisfy today's - and tomorrow's - consumer demand.
  • The QP Retrofit Upgrade
    The retrofit package has been developed especially for pre-used flowwrappers and is an attractive alternative for the investment in a new flow packer. The retrofit results in a electro-mechanical machine with amongst other things: lower changeover times (-100%), shorter down time (-100%), increase in maximum packaging length (+100%) and higher output (+50%).

For more information just select the appropriate solution from the list below or view our product range.


Max. output/speed

Number of sealing jaws


up to 880 p.p.m
(220 p.p.m./ per jaw set)



up to 300 p.p.m
(150 p.p.m./ per jaw set)

Depending on product and package dimensions.


QP-Pack 1 QP-Retrofit

Servo Driven High Speed Flowwrapper

 More information

Servo Driven Flowwrapper

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