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Vega Pack 300S

Vega Pack 300S

Precise dosing, Low Wastage, Easy Job Change-overs, Excellent Sealing Consistency and High Rate of Production are the key benefits offered by "Vega Pack 300-S" - A Servo Driven Microprocessor Controlled Sachet Packing System.

The Vega Pack 300-S is the most versatile, compact and meets requirement of GMP. It can seal wide range of films with settable processing parameters viz. Sealing Pressure (Closed Hydraulic Seal Pressure control), Temperature (PID-Auto Tuning Sealing Temperature control) and Seal Time (Servo control).

The mechanical speed of the machine is 100 cyles per minute. The material to be filled, dosage and laminate are decisive factors for speed of the machine. Unique Self Diagnostics feature results into ease of operation and less setting downtimes. Depending on the sachet size, up to six lanes can be processed.

 Specification  Optional  Video
  Minimum Maximum
Sachet Width (mm): 40 100
Sachet Length (mm): 50 150
Volume per Sachet (ml): 1 40
Capacity, Cycles/min: - 100
Output Sachets (depends upon film, material):  - 600
Reel diameter (mm): - 600
Reel width (mm): - 600
Electronic Connection: AC 3 Phase 415 ± 6% Volt, 50 Hz
Machine Weight (Approx): 1200kgs
Foot Print (L x W x H) (mm): 2400 x 1900 x 2600