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Quadropack STP MS Stickpack Machine

The Quadropack STP MS Basic Stick Pack Machine equals production accuracy and durability.

The Quadropack STP MS stickpack represents an represents our medium speed and above all economic solution for the filling, sealing of tubular shaped three-seal pouches/sachets.

The vertical stickpack machine STP MS is designed to handle granulate, powdery, creamy and solid products. The STP MS shapes, fills and seals small tubular sachets along three sides (contour sealing). The machine is designed, fabricated and constructed according to sound sanitation principles as well as keeps maintenance to a minimum. As such the STP MS is suitable for a variety of market sectors ranging from cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industries. Various options are available to meet specific customer requirements.

The Quadropack STP MS comes equipped with a Siemens 224 SIMATIC PLC. The system enables the operator, via a user-friendly interface, to enter machine parameters as well as access the machine status and operating conditions.

The Quadropack STP MS can be equipped with any number of different weighing and dosing systems such as:

  • Liquid doser
  • Auger doser
  • Multi lane Micro weigher
  • Volumetric doser

 Specification  Video
The Quadropack STP has a maximum capacity of 5 lanes (minimum 1)
Stickpack size: L=40-180mm, W=15-51 (by arrangement)
Sealing format: 3-side seals
Fill Roll: Laminated Film [OPP/CPP, OPP/PE,MST/PE,PET/PE, N/PE, OPP/EVA, EVA/PE]
60 - 80 µ
Film reel diameter:
Max. 500 mm.
Max. output/speed:
Up to 120 (3 x 40) cycles/min max. depending on bag length, output of used dosing device, product character, dosing size and required dosing accuracy
Electricity consumption:
400 V / 2,5 kW / 50 Hz
Weight: 470kg
Machine dimensions (L x W x H) incl. doser:
1200mm x 1000mm x 1600mm
Noisiness (max.):
75 dB