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Stickpack Multiflex 180

The MultiFlex 180 Form Fill and Seal Machine equals flexibility in ackaging type and production capacity.This flexibility results from a revolutionary cassette system which enables flexibility in packaging type as well as production capacity. Following a unique modular design, the machine is mounted together from a variable number of thin independently operating cassettes or modules (min 1, max. 6).

Every module allows for packaging in small sticks and large sticks as well as triangle shaped packages. Every cassette operates as an independent packaging unit and can be equipped with its own dosing system (Liquid, Auger, Micro Weighing and Volumetric) allowing for simultaneous use of different dosing systems.

At the same time, the MultiFlex 180 is unparalleled when it comes to production flexibility. Its modular multilane design enables you to instantly add additional cassettes or modules to the existing machine to increase production capacity.

 Specification  Bag Dimensions
The Multiflex 180-B frame has a maximum capacity of 6 Cassettes
Number of cassettes: Min. 1 / max. 6 cassettes
Number of Tubes: Depending on machine configuration.
Sealing format:
3-side seals 
Fill roll: Laminated Film [OPP/CPP, OPP/PE,MST/PE,PET/PE, N/PE, OPP/EVA, EVA/PE] 
60 - 80 µ 
Film reel diameter: Max. 600 mm
Max. output/speed: Up to 70 cycles/min max. depending on package dimensions and product filling characteristics 
Air Consumption [by 6 bar max]:
0,3 l / tube / 1 cycle 
Electricity consumption:
3 x 400V / 50Hz 
250 kg / 1 module
Machine dimensions (W x L x H):

(n*210) + 600mm x 1400mm x 2200 mm
'n' is number of modules  

Noisiness (max.):
79 dB