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Continuous Motion Spout Filling & Capping CPFP-12H-G1

QuadroPack CPFP-12H-G1

The Quadropack CPFP-12H-G1 fully automatic stand-up spouted pouch filling and capping machine is widely used to pack liquid or cream products [incl. hot fill], such as various diary products, beverages, pharmaceutical and chemical products, etc]. The Quadropack CPFP-12H-G1 preformed spouted sachet machine fills and caps small and medium sized pre-formed spouted sachets with a filling range of 100 up to 5000 ml. Filling takes place directly through the spout which may be center or corner mounted after which the pouch is capped before discharge. The particular hardware configuration allows the machine to achieve a speed up to 9000 sachets per hour [150 p/m].

The Quadropack CPFP-12H-G1 comes equipped with PLC and touch screen. The system enables the operator, via a user-friendly interface, to enter machine parameters as well as access the machine status and operating conditions.

The Quadropack CPFP-12H-G1, easy to clean and operate, provides a cost effective answer to your production needs. As such the Quadropack Pre-formed maker is versatile, economical and durable and represents an excellent choice for high volume and flexible preformed pouch filling and capping.

 Specification  Video
Bag type: Stand up pouch / doy-pack with spout
Filling Volume: 100-5000 ml.
Filling Tolerance: ≤±1%
Number of Filling Stations/Heads: 12
Output per Work Unit:
±12 pouches per minute
Max. output/speed Up to 6000-9000 pouches/hour (depending on package dimensions and product filling characteristics)
Machine parts
All machine parts/ components are made of stainless steel (SS304). Filling system and contact parts (SS316).
(Exception: Special spare parts).
Power supply:
AC220V, 50Hz
Air Consumption:
Electricity Consumption (Kw): 3
Weight (kg): 3000
Equipment Dimension (mm): 3800 x 3500 x 2600