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Horizontal Pouch Machine SD-280SDZ

QuadroPack SD-280SDZ

The Quadropack SD-280SDZ horizontal auto-packaging machine is designed for Stand-Up (Doy-Pack) pouches (with Zipper insertion). The SD-280SDZ features technical specifications and standards identical to similar packaging machines, designed for 3 and 4 sided sealing, as produced by the major suppliers. The particular hardware configuration allows the machine to achieve up to 100 [Stand-Up] pouches per min.

The Quadropack SD-280SDZ is servo driven and equipped with PLC and colour touch screen. The system enables the operator, via a user-friendly interface, to enter machine parameters as well as access the machine status and operating conditions.

A flexible machine design enables customers to run different pouch sizes on one machine moreover due to its design change-over is easy and quick (+/- 20 minutes). The Quadropack SD-280SDZ provides a cost effective answer to your production needs. As such the Quadropack Pouch maker is versatile, economical and durable and represents an excellent choice for high volume and flexible pouch filling.

  • Minumum waste: the advanced design results in a low cost, high efficiency system that increases productivity due to reduced lost time in production.
  • Advanced design: PLC is integrated with advanced servo technology making operating even easier.
  • Simple operation: touch screens offer optimum accessibility to all operation setup.
  • Efficiency: a multi-workstation with multi-tasking to optimize the efficiency.
  • Easy adjustment: simplified design ensures the minimum downtime during any change over
  • Precision filling: practical with advanced dosing and filling device guarantees the highest precision in filling.
  • Optimized in safety: engineering with highest safety devices within the system.

 Specification  Scheme  Video
Pouch type:
stand-up (Doy-pack) pouch with zipper infeed
Doser: duplex dosing
Sealing Format: special design
Min. Format (WxLxH) (mm): 90 x 110 x 60
Max. Format (mm): 140 x 300 x 70
Speed up to (ppm): up to 100 pouch/min depending on package dimensions and product filling characteristics
Max volume (ml): 750
Reel Diameter (mm): 600
Electricity Consumption (Kw): 9
Air Consumption (l/min): 300 / 500
Weight (kg): 2200
Equipment Dimension (mm): 11000 x 1500 x 1500