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Liquid Filler LF-42

QuadroPack LF-42 2 head

Quadropack offers a wide range of liquid fillers, with an excellent price-performance ration, capable of handling an extensive selection of products and containers.

The Quadropack LF-42 2 Head Automatic Liquid Filler is quick and easy to clean and capable of filling a range of products of varying viscosities. The LF-42 2 combines flexibility with high filling precision. The machine can fill containers from 20-3000ml and operates at speeds of up to 17 100 ml. containers/min.

The LF-42 2 liquid filler is equipped with PLC and touch screen. The system enables the operator, via a user-friendly interface, to enter machine parameters as well as access the machine.

Due to the machine's flexible design, the LF-42 2 is built for multi-tasking. The system enables customers to run containers of different sizes efficiently through a design that favours fewer parts making change-over easy and quick. The Quadropack LF-42 2 provides a cost effective answer to your production needs. As such the Quadropack Liquid Filler is versatile, economical and durable and represents an excellent choice for high volume and flexible liquid filling.

Main Features

  • Precision filling: advanced dosing and filling technology guarantees the highest precision in filling. 
  • Production flexibility: capable of handling a large range of application in terms of products [free flowing liquids to extremely viscous, chunky, particulate products] and packaging containers [e.g. jars, bottles etc.].
  • Minimum waste: the advanced design results in a low cost, high efficiency system that increases productivity due to reduced waste and lost production time.
  • Operator friendly: operation via touch screen offers optimal access and regulation of the entire operation setup.
  • Efficiency: a multi-workstation incorporating multi-tasking to optimize the efficiency. 
  • Efficient design: reduced maintenance costs resulting from a design with few moving parts and easy access to all operational areas.
  • Easy adjustment: a simple and efficient design ensures minimum downtime during any change over 
  • Easy sanitation: Easy access to all operational areas for easy sanitation.
  • Optimized in safety: the design incorporates advanced safety measures ensuring overall equipment safety

 Specification  Video
Max. output/speed: up to 1000 bottles/hr [100 ml.]
up to 900 bottles/hr [500 ml.]
up to 800 bottles/hr [1000 ml.]

(indicative outputs depending on bottle/ container dimensions and product filling characteristics).

Bottle/container dimension: Min. width 28 mm. x Min. height 300 mm.
Max. width 120 mm. x Max. height 300 mm.

Bottle diameter 28 mm up to 150 mm
Bottle height 40mm up to 300 mm
Different sizes available on request.

Number of filling heads: 2
Filling Volume:
20-3000 ml different volumes on request.
Filling Tolerance: ≤±1%
PLC: Omron [CPM 2A]
Touch Screen: Easy view
Electric Components: Omron Klockner, Moeller
Optical sensor: Omron [E3ZM Stainless]
Main Motor: Lenze
Protection Class: IP54
Machine Structure: Carboloy Steel Q235-A Structure and Fasteners
Pneumatic components:
Machine parts:
All machine parts/ components are made of stainless steel (SS304). Filling system and contact parts (SS316).
(Exception: Special spare parts).
Guard & safety interlocks:
Guarding and safety features placed around the machine as per CE rules;
Front Guard/ Cabinet Doors with Security Interlock
The machine will initiate an auto stop in case several safeguards are breached: (e.g., empty pouch/cap magazine [following a no pouch, no fill/cap principle], one of the machine doors is open, unavailability of product etc).
Electricity Consumption:
Max. 1,0 kW
Power supply:
AC380V, 50Hz/ or according to requirement.
Air Consumption:
≤ 0.55 L/ cycle
Compressed Air:
≥ 0.6MPa
+/- 400 kg
Machine dimensions:
(L x W x H): 2000 x 900 x 2100 mm
Noisiness (max.):
no more than 70 dB