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Bottle unscrambler

The Quadropack Bottle unscrambler sort a wide range of rigid container shapes. The system contains a mechanism that will position each bottle in an upright position, when passing through for the next downstream operation. The mechanism is adjustable to both the width and height of various sized bottles.

The Quadropack Bottle unscrambler is equipped with 3 spindles and colour touch screen. The system enables the operator, via a user-friendly interface, to enter machine parameters as well as access the machine status and operating conditions.

Main features:

  • Simple operation: operation via touch screen offers optimal access and regulation of the entire operation setup.
  • Optimized in safety: the design incorporates advanced safety measures ensuring overall equipment safety
  • Small Footprint: Designed to maximize the use of valuable production floor space.
  • Easy Change-over: a simple design ensures minimum downtime during any change over
  • Easy integration: designed to allow for easy integration within existing lines.
  • Efficient design: reduced maintenance costs resulting from a design with few moving parts and easy access to all operational areas.
  • Easy sanitation: Easy access to all operational areas for easy sanitation.
  • Versatile product handling: Virtually any type of plastic bottle can be processes; ranging from round, oval, rectangular or square.

 Specification  Video
Frame: Stainless steel 304 (pearl-blasted)
Dimension (H x W x D) (mm):
1400 x 1660 x 2975
Power Supply:  380V, 50/60 Hz, 10A
Electric parts:
Siemens S7 300 PLC, Siemens touchscreen TP070,
MM 440 Profibus frequency controllers, Moeller Electrical components, TP070, Sick sensors
Air: Not applicable

The specifications can be customized on request.
* CE Certified in the Netherlands.