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 Quadropack Welcomes its new sister company Global Filling! (15 December 2013)



 Global Filling is a globally operating contract packaging company specialized in spouted pouches, sharing its facilities and expertise with Quadropack.


We particularly opened this company in order to serve in the contract packaging market allowing our clients to enjoy our services even when it comes to small order quantities or specialized designs. This provides our clients with the opportunity to be able to have a test-run and see how their target group reacts to a new product and packaging, to create special limited edition designs in order to create that extra buzz for Your brand, or to come up with innovative give aways that allow Your clients or business partners to take not only a product but also a brand experience with them.


Global Filling's website is currently under construction but feel free to follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn and stay tuned for all the latest news on the packaging industry.